Independent producer, Mina-Jae Stephens approached John Fish to conceptualise and create the artwork and promotional material for her play Above All Else that was part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014.

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    "You must tell me what it is that women desire most, above all else."


    Based on the 15th century English poem ‘Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell’, the play is a contemporary interpretation of this riddle central to the story. John Fish created imagery that invoked a sense of mystery and ambiguity surrounding the question: what do women want? This question we aimed to plant in the minds of the audience.


    In the promotional trailer the play’s feminist undertones and questioning nature were visualised through a rotating clay sculpture interrupted with sudden symbolic insights. John Fish composed the soundtrack to suggest this searching for answers. Equally as adventurous, the play’s poster shows a female figure walking through a door into a red void. By dissecting the play’s narrative an exciting and multivalent visual world could be created.