John Fish were pleased to be able to work with New Zealand based electronic trio Groeni for their Australian debut performance in Melbourne. Presented by Wondercore Island the trio is known for their hypnotic ‘barren beat-scapes and otherworldly vocals’.

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    Aligning with their layered musical style, the visual performance was made up of two elements; a transparent laser light wall in front of the artists as well as projected video content behind them. The idea was to immerse the band in vibrant & layered light so they appeared almost ethereal. The laser light wall in front of the artists was endlessly swirling and changing transparency as haze was pumped through the air creating an unpredictable effect.


    The rear projections provided a striking backdrop that the three artists were silhouetted against while also adding visual link to the band’s existing artwork. Natural aesthetic elements, such as swirling smoke and ink, were specifically made & utilised for the performance. This combination of sharp, bold laser light and cinematic video art complimented Groeni’s sound of crisp electronica fused with analog instrumentation and vocal driven melodies.