House of Laurence are an independent psych-rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Over several years John Fish has created and expanded the band’s visual identity.

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    Drawing inspiration directly from the music’s texture, mood and lyrics, psychedelic elements were explored to develop a harmonious relationship between sound and art.


    For the cover of their first EP release, John Fish took the band underwater into an Olympic sized pool, capturing a disorientating image of four floating figures surrounded by ripples within a dark endless abyss. Before releasing their debut LP ‘Awake’, John Fish created a surreal desert of velvet with a central mirror – connecting to the albums themes of self-awareness and emotional honesty.


    In an ongoing effort to connect the band with it’s fans and open up opportunity, John Fish created a suite of tour diary videos documenting the band’s many adventures on the road as well as official video clips, press shots and gig posters. Across all these media forms there is common thread of bold use of colour, experimental form, and dream like aesthetics.