Artist management and record label Good Manners approached John Fish to conceive a live visual concept for Melbourne Music Festival.

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    All five of their artists including Planète, I’lls, Lucianblomkamp, Kllo and Banoffee performed a sold-out show at the flagship venue. The cavernous basement of the former Royal Women’s Hospital presented a unique opportunity to create an immersive visual experience.


    Due to the diverse style & sound of the artists, John Fish created five unique visual elements utilizing a range of lighting, projection and theatrical tools. The performances were dramatically enhanced by having individually tailored themes. This included respective colour palates, audio-reactive multi-layered projection content, custom-made lighting installations as well as three-dimensional sculptural objects.


    Theatrical techniques were implemented to further enrich the sensory experience for the audience. By using a scrim as a projection surface and backdrop, certain visual elements such as the custom made LED array and large planet-like spheres were only revealed to the audience during a particular artist’s performance. This element of surprise was crucial in creating a dynamic visual presentation.