Good Manners Music presented John Fish with the opportunity to produce a music video for Melbourne artist Planète’s latest offering ‘Nightcrawler’ - a lengthy seven minute journey through off-kilter sounds, yearning chords, and swinging percussion.

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    The brief from the label and artist was to present a working-class and utilitarian character’s journey of self-reflection while showing an environment that was in a dark, nighttime context. The brief also required that there be a resolution or reveal to add an element of complexity and surprise.


    Taking these directives into consideration John Fish sought to create a narrative that explored these themes whilst utilizing some unique and not often seen locations which well suited the darker emotional pull of the song.


    The resulting work is a journey of self-discovery featuring a security guard nearing the end of his night-shift. He spots a mysterious figure while on his patrol and is determined to catch this person - so much so that he even follows them into a dark subterranean world of the drains. When he finally manages to catch up to this unknown figure there is an unexpected reveal - perhaps its all an illusion due to the fatigue of working long hours or maybe a result of his own substance abuse?