Debuted at Strawberry Fields Festival 2015, with an overwhelmingly positive response, The Portal is the next evolution of light-installation from John Fish.

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    This spiralling tunnel of infinite light aims to mesmerise the senses, like a piece of a puzzle to an alternative world, this strange object will only reward those who dare to question what is behind the door.


    The intension of this work is to create an element of surprise for the viewer whilst simultaneously stimulating thought on how the illusion is achieved. The observer's perception of depth is challenged by exploiting elements of reflection, absorption & geometrical optics.


    Why the colour magenta? Interestingly, this does not appear in the visible colour spectrum. Magenta is an illusion, a result of our brains interpreting a mixture of blue and red light to create a new colour. Furthering this idea of illusions and inspired by artists such as Yayoi Kusama, the Portal is clad in mirrored panels; reflecting it’s environment whilst simultaneously revealing a seemingly impossible reality.