Melbourne based duo Two People approached John Fish to direct and produce their debut music video for their single ‘If We Have Time’ to be released via Liberation Music.

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    The song is an emotionally charged meditation; exploring time as a force that can shift and change relationships, time can bring people together yet simultaneously has the power to pull people apart. The lyrics leave one with a sense of questioning and un-resolve, with only possibilities to hold onto. John Fish chose to focus on the key themes of time & alternate realities whilst simultaneously aligning with Two People’s minimal aesthetic.


    Complimenting the song’s theme, John Fish used mirrors as a central symbol for time. The two characters, aptly played by Two People, are searching for meaning in their own worlds, one being a barren desert, the other a densely tangled forest. Is this mirror real? Is it an illusion of their memory, a metaphor of their dreams or perhaps a portal to another reality? These are some questions intended to leave the audience with.


    This theme continues into a scene where we see their faces with mirrored eyes morphing as light spirals around them. The shadows shifting in cyclic patterns again act as a reference to time. To further disorientate viewer’s sense of time, much of the footage was reversed and slowed down, creating a sense of intrigue and ambiguity.


    As well as producing the video John Fish also designed and built a custom light installation of the Two People hand drawn logo, which was constructed on a beach at low tide allowing the light to reflect off the wet sand. Having them perform live in front of the light sculpture added a visually striking authenticity to the group’s debut video release.’