Curated by Wondercore Island, this year’s theme appropriately focused on improvisation. John Fish was asked to join the eclectic line-up of talent to address this theme of improvisation.

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    Described as ‘a late night hideaway featuring a cacophony of musical performance, experiments and unhinged ideas’, The Cave is a two night event held each year as part of Melbourne International Jazz Festival.


    The main visual element manifested itself as a combination of light and sculpture. The large-scale wall piece ‘Angles’ was made from hundreds of polystyrene pyramids varying in height. These small geometric shapes were arranged on the fly in a continuous yet improvised repeating pattern, creating a visually mesmerising backdrop behind the artists.


    Employing a dual-projection setup John Fish projected intricate patterns and kaleidoscopic washes of light & colour onto the array. The content of these projections was audio-reactive; as the musicians improvised on stage the piece in turn reacted in real time, creating a dynamic and spontaneous combination of light, sculpture and sound.